TJB Vickram 342A-ET

Reg#: AMGV1283258


Homozygous Polled/Homozygous Black


Topping the 2014 TJB Annual Bull Sale was Lot 1, TJB Vickram 342A-ET. The homozygous black/homozygous polled BA75 herd sire sold to Taubenheim Gelbvieh for $15000 for full possession and half semen interest. Vickram is an Xterminator son out of TJB lead donor 912U. We calved his first daughters in the fall of 2017 and again we realize the true strength passed on through 912U. The females are beautiful at calving with very good teat and udder combination. They held their body condition very well and bred back as twos (which is certainly demanded).

You can use Vickram with confidence if you like beautiful, functional replacement females.

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