TJB 914U Sandhills 4120C-ET

Reg#: AMGV1343272

914U/Sandhills 0065X


Homozygous Polled/Diluter Free


4120C was a highlight of the 2016 Bull Sale going to Clyde Jenkins Farm in Alabama. I personally thought he was the most complete bull in the sale offering. We decided to utilize this individual after calving his two flush mate sisters in the fall of 2017. 4101C and 4103C are quite possibly the most awesome sisters we have ever calved. Needless to say I finally realized his potential and we are testing him in this season. Time will tell the impact he may have but we are excited.


4120C is in the Top 2% HP, 3% ST, and 4% $Cow. These values are truly consistent with our years of selection for maternal traits with an emphasis on fertility and productivity.



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